Tree Trimming and Pruning

To make sure your trees are healthy and safe for your property you need to have them pruned and trimmed. Our professionals at Posillico Brother’s Tree Service will prune your trees by removing branches, buds and roots. When we do this it will improve and maintain the health of your trees while protecting your property from falling branches. Tree pruning will also keep your trees from overgrowing and will keep the appearance of your property looking great. We target the trees that are diseased, dead, damaged or structurally unstable that could cause any risk to people and/or property.

Tree Trimming

Pruning and tree trimming your trees can become a dangerous job to try it by yourself because it may require climbing and using heavy saws. It is a job to leave for our trained and experienced professionals to insure the pruning and trimming process is done safely and properly. We will make sure while pruning your trees that we will protect the healthy stems and trunk of the tree, which will effectively allow the tree to heal properly after being pruned.

We suggest you have us prune your trees during winter and summer. With your trees pruned during these two seasons it will insure the health of your trees along with making sure they safe from causing any damage. Trees that are not pruned to prepare for winter can have the risk of dead branches falling off the tree when piled with too much snow. And with the summer storms, if your trees are not pruned during this time there is a risk of those limbs causing damage with them flying off trees when there are heavy winds. Pruning trees on your property will protect your property from storm damage and the danger of limbs falling on pedestrian paths, driveways or even surrounding homes or buildings from your property.