Stump Grinding

It is very important to have tree stumps removed by professionals as tree stumps can have roots that can extend deep into yard, garden and prevent the growth of of shrubs, flowers, and other landscaping elements on the property. A stump can also serve as a new home for a colony of termites. The stumps and roots are hazards that could cause injury and increase your liability. Our tree service experts perform stump grinding easily with the use of an industrial tree stump grinder. The process is quick and utilizes a special machine that chips away at the top of the remaining tree and cuts the wood into small chips.

Stump Removal

Posillico Brother’s uses the most modern stump grinding equipment to ensure the complete and total removal of tree stumps so that removed tree will not grow back and the land can be used again in the future. Our crew will remove your stumps (large or Small) to make room for new landscaping or seeding. The area will be free of debris, completely clean and safe walk on quickly and within budget. Stump grinding is very common services call for our team of skilled tree service experts and we have perfect our method over the years. You can rest assured we’ll be on time to get the job done right – the first time!